Letters expressing appreciation and photos of support continue to pour in from HCA Healthcare colleagues across the nation to honor their fellow colleagues. Some colleagues have chosen to specifically honor an individual or team that has exemplified excellence during COVID-19. Wherever you work, whatever your role, you are part of HCA Healthcarewhere we work for healthier tomorrows.

“Dr. Clamp, I truly want to thank you for all you do and the people to whom you come in contact with at this very crucial time in our lives. Thank you for all you do and the lives you help and save.” – Damita Maddox, Accounts Payable, TriStar Centennial Medical Center

“Thank you, Brent Hastings, for being a dedicated and compassionate leader here at Cardiology Clinic San Antonio. Your guidance and support have been invaluable to me as I continue my journey with CCSA, especially during this tenuous time of COVID-19. I look forward to working alongside you for years to come.” – Patricia Cascio, Medical Records, Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio

“Jody CaseThank you for your relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care. Your patients trust and love you, and it shows in your daily interactions with them! I truly appreciate your dedication to the patients and to our team!” – Megan Kester, South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants

“I’d like to thank Analissa Sanchez, our director of field recruiting in the San Antonio Division. She continues to make my job engaging, challenging and enjoyable. We are in a tough time and although this is applicable every day, she is now taking on an even bigger challenge. Staff satisfaction and engagement is hard in the best of times [and] she is making us feel needed, wanted and appreciated.” – Sylvia Melancon, HR/Recruitment, Methodist Healthcare

“I would like to thank Jessica Rios. She’s an amazing secretary and is always there to lend a hand. She’s smart and efficient. She’s currently pregnant and she’s still working hard. I’m lucky to be working with such an amazing coworker.” – Kassandra Partida, Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio

“To Miranda Sexton and her team at the Centennial Pediatric Department, you all go above and beyond every day, caring for the youngest of our patients. Your kindness, compassion, tender spirit and empathy makes for amazing care of these children. Thank you for putting yourself at risk, for the support of others. You are truly a healthcare hero!” – Leigh Clark, Community Engagement, Corporate Office

“A big thank you to my  colleagues for making the COVID-19 transition of workflow better when pulling as a team. Thank you, Jesus Zapata, Cristina Torrico and Janet Hoelscher. Also, thank you to Sofia Lewis, our Device Clinic MOS. Her expertise and experience with Device Clinic has helped us navigate the portals for each company to help our patients.” – Maria Stark, Device Clinic, Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio

“A special thank you to all of the staff at Northeast Methodist Hospital! Your courage and commitment to the health of our community is inspiring! You are my heroes!” – Diana Medrano, Physician Practice, PSG San Antonio

If you’d like to highlight someone on your team, or in a unit you work with, check out the “Thank You, Healthcare Heroes” page and submit your note of appreciation. Share the many ways you feel our healthcare heroes have gone above and beyond during COVID-19. Make sure to follow @HCAHealthcare on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for additional updates and activities celebrating our healthcare heroes.

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