Happy Certified Nurses Day! 

On March 19 each year, it is a privilege to honor our HCA Healthcare nursing colleagues who have demonstrated advanced skill, knowledge and practice by earning a professional certification in complex nursing care specialties.

Jimmy Hall, the senior director of clinical education programs with HCA Healthcare’s Center for Clinical Advancement and board-certified in Nursing Professional Development, says: “Certification is a formal recognition that our nurses have demonstrated the knowledge needed to grow within their field and to evolve as professionals. To their colleagues, certification demonstrates that they are a role model for their profession and are dedicated to excellence in patient care.”

Jimmy Hall, senior director of clinical education programs with HCA Healthcare’s Center for Clinical Advancement

HCA Healthcare offers qualifying nurses who wish to pursue a specialty certification the opportunity to take advantage of discounted rates, a voucher program and reimbursement upon successfully completing the certification exam.

In 2018, more than 2,600 HCA Healthcare-affiliated registered nurses expanded their professional expertise and advanced their professional skills through the voucher program to earn certification in specialty areas, including:

  • Emergency Services (BCEN)
  • Critical Care (AACN)
  • Surgical Services (CCI)
  • Medical-Surgical (ANCC)
  • Medical-Surgical (ONCB)

The value of a specialty nursing certification is becoming more important as healthcare becomes increasingly complex and challenging. Achieving certification demonstrates to patients, employers and the public that a nurse’s knowledge, skills and abilities meet rigorous national standards and reflect a deep commitment to patient safety.

“Maintaining certification in one’s specialty serves as validation of the knowledge and experience we amass over the course of our career,” said A. Albion, a critical care nurse at affiliate Northeast Methodist Hospital. “It demonstrates our commitment to the patients we serve, it highlights the importance of lifetime learning and it encourages the growth of the professional nursing practice.”

Northeast Methodist Hospital

According to the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, the benefits of obtaining a nursing certification include:

  • demonstration that the nurse cares enough to be tested against rigorous standards, confirming their knowledge and skills in a specialty area;
  • creating an environment of professionalism, contributing to staff retention and patient safety;
  • serving as a role model for professional development, lifelong learning and dedication to excellence in patient care, and
  • a sense of pride, fulfillment, and empowerment, as well as career advancement. (Research shows nurse leaders prefer hiring a nurse who is certified.)

HCA Healthcare is proud of the contributions of our certified nurses and thanks them for all they do to deliver excellent care to patients and their families.  To certified nurses everywhere, enjoy this special day and celebrate your knowledge, expertise and focus to advance the practice of nursing.

Visit the American Association of Critical Care Nurses for more information about the benefits and standards of national specialty nursing certifications.

HCA Healthcare is one of the largest employers of nurses in the country, with 94,000 registered nurses holding positions from bedside caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings to leadership positions throughout the organization. HCA Healthcare is a learning healthcare system that uses its more than 31 million annual patient encounters to improve patient care and save lives.