HCA Healthcare partners with Walden University and is proud to announce that 27 scholarships have been awarded to HCA-affiliate nurses as part of a nationwide Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) scholarship program.


Kesha Allen, a registered nurse at Kingwood Medical Center in the HCA Gulf Coast Division, was the recipient of a full scholarship from Walden. Twenty-six other nursing scholarships were awarded in the amount of $10,000 and $14,000 for MSN and DNP programs, respectively.

“I was thrilled to be the recipient of the full Walden University scholarship and receive the financial support to achieve my academic and career goals,” said Allen. “I’m proud to work for a company that believes in and actively pursues professional development opportunities for its nurses.”

The nursing scholarship recipients submitted a competitive essay for consideration, and, once selected, successfully enrolled into their respective programs on May 29. Twenty-three nurses will pursue a master’s in nursing, while four are working toward their doctorate.

“HCA nurses deliver care that makes an impact every day. We’re proud to reward and invest in their educational advancement so they can continue to improve the lives of millions of patients across the country,” said Steve Tarkington, RN, MSN, vice president of clinical education operations.

“By partnering with Walden University, HCA provides additional professional development for affiliate nurses and continues to recruit, train, and support the best and the brightest talent in bedside care,” he added.

Congratulations to all of the HCA nursing scholarship recipients. (Degree pursued and hospital locations listed below.) Visit here to learn more about Walden’s healthcare programs. With relevant coursework and extensive support services, Walden supports HCA nurses looking to advance their education and make a difference. HCA has partnered with Walden University since 2013.

Visit here for more information on HCA Nursing.

MSN-Education Doctors Hospital of Augusta
MSN- Leadership & Mgmt Blake Medical Center
DNP St. Lucie Medical Center
MSN-Education Capital Regional Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt Wesley Medical Center
DNP Aventura Hospital
MSN-Public Health West Florida Hospital
MSN- Leadership & Mgmt Rose Medical Center
DNP West Houston Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt Palms of Pasadena
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt. Coliseum Hospital
MSN-Informatics Wesley Medical Center
MSN- Public Health Kesha Allen, Kingwood Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt Sarah Cannon Research Institute
MSN-Adult Gerontology Medical Center of Trinity
MSN -Leadership & Mgmt. HCA/Frankfort Regional Medical Center
MSN- Leadership & Mgmt. Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children @ PSL. HCA
MSN-Education Parkridge Medical Center
MSN- Education Tristar Skyline Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt. Highlands Regional Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt.. TriStar Skyline Medical Center
MSN- Education Lakeview Regional Medical Center a Campus of Tulane
MSN –FNP Redmond Regional Medical Center
MSN-Leadership & Mgmt. HCA
MSN-Education Redmond Regional Medical Center
MSN- Adult Gerontology Henrico Doctors Hospital Forest


HCA 50th Anniversary
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