Can you imagine life without Google? How else would you find out ‘what causes hiccups’ – one of the most searched health-related questions of 2017.

Well, caregivers at HCA Healthcare affiliate Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL) in Denver can help. They tackled the most popular health questions by Internet users in 2017.

According to CNN, these are the top-10 questions you most wanted answers for last year.

  1. What is lupus? (check here, too)
  2. What is ADHD?
  3. What causes high blood pressure?
  4. How to lower cholesterol?
  5. What is normal blood pressure?
  6. How long does the flu last?
  7. Why am I so tired?
  8. What causes kidney stones?
  9. How to stop snoring?
  10. What causes hiccups?

Thanks to P/SL physicians Sam Aznaurov, MD; Lela Mansoori, MD; Scott Bentz, MD; Scott Joy, MD; Nel Gerig, MD; David Opperman, MD; Eric Liu, MD and Dustin Shaver, PsyD for answering 2017’s most popular health-related questions below.

At HCA Healthcare, care teams across the country are available to answer your and your loved ones most pressing health questions, whether they made the top-ten list or not.

Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center is part of the HealthONE network of hospitals in Denver. It is also an HCA Healthcare affiliate.