No matter how the world around us may erupt into turmoil and chaos, certain events cannot be delayed. Babies, for one, will be born — and thank goodness.

Never is the phrase “bundle of joy” more fitting, and never has that joy been more welcome.

For a few families, and a number of HCA hospital employees, memories of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma will involve courage in the face of adversity, but also hope and happiness. Homes and possessions were lost to wind, rain and flooding, but at the same time more than a dozen “hurricane babies” came into the world at HCA hospitals in Texas and Florida. Here are just a few:

Lundyn Lillyan Smith

LUNDYN LILLYAN SMITH (parents Temeyka and Antoine); Legend Asher (parents Jordan Asher and Chelsea Mucklevany) and David Kirk Woods (parents Kristin and Thomas) all born at Summerville Medical Center, Summerville, SC., along with one more, on the day that Hurricane Irma passed through.

HARVEY RODRIGUEZ, born at Corpus Christi Medical Center Doctors Regional on August 25 as his namesake hurricane made landfall. Mother Irma hadn’t decided on a name when she went into labor, and when a nurse suggested Harvey, everyone knew it was perfect. The baby boy became an overnight sensation, making the national news and even the Today show.

Vincent Alexander Walker

TYLER COLE MEYERS, born on August 28 at 1:30 a.m. at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, arrived earlier than expected. Mother Nacole Meyers was 39 weeks pregnant when she and her family climbed into a canoe to get out of the storm’s way — then her contractions started. A rushed ambulance ride to the hospital and an emergency C-section kept everyone’s adrenaline pumping, but the birth went well and the family is together and happy.

JOURNEE IRMAYA JOHNSON, born at Fairview Park Hospital in Georgia just as the hurricane passed through Florida. The mother’s great-grandmother was named Irma, so little Journee can lay claim to two formidable names.

VINCENT ALEXANDER WALKER came into the world early in the morning on September 11 at Orange Park Medical Center, just as Hurricane Irma was passing through the city. Parents Rachel and Ray Walker were thrilled to meet their son, and all are doing well.