For nearly 30 years, the Alton Hipps and his family have celebrated his wife’s birthday every Memorial Day weekend at a local campground. This past May, when a hospitalization threatened to cancel the tradition, a team of dedicated nurses from LewisGale Medical Center came together to help the family celebrate. With Alton’s extended stay in the hospital and life-threatening health issues, he and his family knew this birthday may be their last one altogether. And it was. Alton was discharged from the hospital and passed away a short time after his wife’s birthday.

Watch Alton’s story to see the family reunite with the team whose Commitment to Care made this hospital birthday celebration one to remember.

(Internal audience can view the video here.)

To help us celebrate the exceptional experiences happening every day at HCA affiliates, we’ve created a video series called, “Committed to Care.” Being committed to care is a reflection of HCA’s mission – we are committed to the care and improvement of human life – and a calling that has shaped our company from its earliest days.