With 15 hospitals in the Houston area, HCA Healthcare has been on the frontlines in caring for patients during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Currently, our hospitals and medical staffs in Houston are caring for approximately 2,400 patients, and our focus is on beginning to transition back to normal operations and supporting our employees and physicians. Some of our hospitals have transferred a small number of our most critical patients to HCA affiliate hospitals out of the affected area, and we continue to assess the need to transfer additional patients.

Emergency operations centers at the Nashville corporate office and in Texas continue to coordinate support for our facilities, including ensuring they have the supplies they need as well as staff from outside the area to provide relief.

Our hospitals in Houston and Corpus Christi have experienced relatively minor damage, which we have begun to repair, and we are conducting in-depth assessments to determine what repairs may be necessary. East Houston Regional Medical Center, which was evacuated before the storm, remains closed. In Corpus Christi, the following have reopened: Corpus Christi Medical Center – Bay Area, Corpus Christi Medical Center – The Heart Hospital and Bayview Behavioral Hospital, Corpus Christi Medical Center – Northwest Regional.

The effort being put forth by HCA’s corporate, division and hospital teams is nothing short of extraordinary, and we are enormously proud of what our teams have done, and continue to do, in ensuring the safety of our patients and our caregivers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these events.

HCA Healthcare in Texas by the Numbers
HCA operates approximately 50 hospitals, 27 surgery centers in Texas, including 15 hospitals, six freestanding emergency centers, five surgery centers and one freestanding cancer center in Houston; and a hospital with five campus locations and a freestanding emergency center in Corpus Christi. Of the 55,000 HCA employees in Texas, approximately 14,000 are located in the Houston and Corpus Christi area.