An automated medication-dispensing kiosk installed at Me-morial Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., is helping patients, visitors and even staff get their prescriptions quickly and easily.

The Rx to Go kiosk can be accessed around the clock in the ER main lobby, and is stocked with a formulary of frequently prescribed medications (other than controlled substances). When a user scans in their prescription and provides payment, the machine dispenses the medication. During the process, the user is on a videoconference with a live pharmacist, and there’s also a phone built into the kiosk for added privacy.

“When people are sick or injured, they want quick and convenient care,” says Andy Miller, chief financial officer. “The pharmacy vending-machine technology improves the care process by offering patients a one-stop experience where they can not only be treated quickly, but they can also pick up their medications before returning home.”

“This is an innovative concept and the first in-hospital kiosk of its kind in Northeast Florida,” adds Dr. Fred Jenkins, ER medical director. “This kiosk allows patients to fill their prescriptions and interact face-to-face with a pharmacist before leaving the ER, which can lead to increased compliance and improved outcomes.”

See how the kiosk works: