Today HCA wants to honor all of the heroic moms we know and love. Whether you are a new mom, future mom, desperate-to-be mom, hurting mom, thriving mom, grieving mom, tired mom, hopeful mom, helicopter mom, bonus mom, and never-to-be-forgotten mom, the world is a better place because of YOU.

At HCA, we know there is no one who loves us like our moms. Whatever time or place you are in during your motherhood journey, we celebrate you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Meet some of HCA’s favorite moms and learn about their experiences at affiliated hospitals across the country.

HCA Heroic MomsSay hello to Heidi King. A mom who knows what it’s like to wait 48 hours before seeing your newborn for the first time. But thanks to the team at TriStar Summit Medical Center, this story had a happy ending and also illustrated how technology can play a role in the healing process. See her visual story here.

A pediatric intensive care nurse at Sunrise Children’s Hospital and single mom whose family wasn’t complete until she adopted her young patient, Alex. Meet her and her adorable family here.

HCA Heroic MomsRose Medical Center, AirLife Denver and Swedish Medical Center – members of the HCA-HealthONE system – and a mother’s will to live sparked this incredible success story. Watch Mandy Banks’ story here after she became a stroke survivor and mother on the same day.

HCA Heroic Moms Mandy Banks

Current National Football League (NFL) player Derrick Henry’s grandmother was hospitalized less than two years ago when he was a finalist for college football’s Heisman Trophy. But thanks to the healthcare team at Specialty Hospital, she was able to watch him accept the coveted award.  Read more here!

HCA Heroic Moms

Tracey Thompson and Kelley McKissack are a mother and daughter who now share an even more special bond. In a labor of love, Tracey, then 54 years old, carried her grandchild for her daughter, Kelley, who struggled with infertility.  The Medical City Plano care team worked to ensure a safe, happy outcome for all involved. Check it out here!

HCA Heroic Moms

Ben Ikirima’s mom is gone but not forgotten. He founded a clinic in Kenya to honor her memory. Take a look!

HCA Heroic Moms

HCA delivers 220,000 babies each year and partners with moms throughout their journey of motherhood. From us to you, Happy Mother’s Day!