Robin Evans-Hanson named her annual charity drive “Robin on the Roof” for obvious reasons – it’s her name. But that wasn’t the only motivation behind the outreach identity. The 33-year registered nurse at HCA’s Medical City Fort Worth believes anyone can be a robin. Even you.

“Robins signify the first sign of spring. It’s a new beginning for everyone,” Evans said. “On the roof, you’re out of your situation or crisis and can see everything more clearly. You are not alone.”

Robin believes that as a nurse she needs to be involved in the community. “That’s where the real nursing starts,” she says.

So, every summer, Robin sits on a rooftop to raise awareness, food and funds for food pantries in the North Texas area. She doesn’t come down until she’s met her mark.

In June, Robin, a two-time Fort Worth Business Press Healthcare Hero, will return to the roof where it all started eight years ago and set her largest goal yet – 150,000 pounds of food.

As National Nurses Week comes to a close, we’re proud to introduce our newest HCA Hero – Robin Evans-Hanson, a registered nurse and neuroscience clinical educator at Medical City Fort Worth, for her heart of service for families in need in her community.

(HCA internal audience can view the video here.)