At HCA, above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.  We recognize that caring for the environment is caring for people.  Actions through environmental stewardship and our Sustainability Plan affect our communities, resources and health.  For example, with help from our employees, HCA saves millions of pounds of waste and debris from landfills.  Last year we recycled over 32 million pounds of waste, 43 thousand tons of construction and demolition debris including asphalt, and 24 thousand pounds of rechargeable batteries.  We also diverted over 400 tons of waste through reprocessed single-use devices. In 2013, we continue our practices of finding effective alternatives to landfills.

Large systems like ours require active participation from all employees.  You already make a difference.  Don’t forget that simple activities combine to make an impact.  Turning off lights, making sure water is used efficiently or disposing pharmaceutical or bio-hazardous waste properly are examples of actions which collectively yield a high impact in supporting the environment.  Imagine the difference when your actions supporting sustainability are mirrored at every facility in our system.  The result is 199,000 people acting in concert with efficiencies, innovative healthcare operations and a dedication to sustainability.  Your valued contribution to the environment does not stand alone.

HCA wants to make each effort in sustainability a success.  We invite you to review the HCA Sustainability Plan to see what HCA is doing as a company and to see how your contribution benefits others.  You will also see a reference to industry awards for efforts in environmental excellence.  Thank you for your involvement in environmental stewardship and making our communities healthier.