In less than 10 years, it’s estimated that the United States will have a deficit of about 90,000 physicians. While many theories exist about the cause of this problem, our graduate medical education (GME) team at HCA is focused on providing a solution. And that solution is a two-pronged approach that begins with opening more residency positions and offering new physicians opportunities to practice in areas of the country where we know there are a needs.

Florida, for example, is forecasted to suffer significantly from the national physician shortage. To address this issue, HCA is establishing programs with the goal of becoming the largest provider of residency training in the state by the end of 2018. As one of the largest care providers in Florida, it just makes sense that we support and expand our graduate medical education programs in a place where the need for well-trained physicians intersects with ample career opportunity.

We have plans to build new graduate medical education programs in other states that are facing a physician shortage. Once complete, this will double the size of our programs, making us the largest sponsor of graduate medical education in the United States by far. Our $300 million financial investment in growing our program includes capital investments, facility investments, conference rooms, on-call rooms, and the support required to run thriving graduate medical education programs.

And while most programs end their investment in their students at graduation, HCA is committed to the recruitment and retention of our graduates. Our approach is to provide high-quality clinical training to residents and employ them within our system throughout their careers.

In HCA graduate medical education programs, residents can expect an accomplished, active faculty who provide individualized attention. We tailor our curricular offerings to make our residents the best practitioners in their respective fields and use our wealth of expertise and resources to provide residents and fellows with personalized, innovative, and evidence-based training.

HCA offers graduate medical education programs at 43 hospitals across the country. Visit here to learn more about our programs.