When Angelina Jolie opted to undergo a double mastectomy and then publicize it in 2013 after genetic testing revealed she carried the BRCA1 gene, it sparked a lot of conversations about genetic testing and ultimately led to an increase in breast removal surgeries.

With 1 in 8 women developing breast cancer, many women and their families ask questions such as… What causes breast cancer? How much do genetics impact the risk for developing breast cancer?

The cancer experts at Sarah Cannon, our cancer institute, are here to answer questions for you or a loved one. Learn about the role of genetics in breast cancer here.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer you may want to know: When is breast-conserving surgery used versus a mastectomy? Well, to choose between the two, it is important to talk to your doctors and care team about the stage of your cancer and the risks and benefits of both. The advantage for many for breast-conserving surgery is that you keep your breast, but you will likely also need radiation. With a mastectomy, your entire breast is removed, but you are less likely to also need radiation.

Or, what about breast reconstruction? When does that take place if chosen? We have more answers to your questions on the Sarah Cannon blog here.

Please visit, talk to your caregivers and make the best choice for you.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A sea of pink shirts, ribbons and shoes are worn in solidarity for and support for survivors, families and those still fighting breast cancer. Thank you for continuing to make a positive impact in raising awareness and research for breast cancer. #FightingCancerTogether