Financial Impact

Appeal Deadline Date Edit, DeAnna Hartz, BPG

OR CPT Tracker: Inpatient OR procedures for Inpatients Only, Jill Hartman, Corporate

Strategies for Hip and Knee Patients for Early Mobilization, Tamara Speed, East Florida Division

Pathology Box, Jack Simmerman, Gulf Coast Division

Automated Journey Based Testing/QA Engineer Position, Philmore Browne, HealthTrust – Parallon Supply Chain Solutions

Breaking Eggs = Big Savings for Nuclear Medicine Department, Mable Joyce, North Florida Division

Give Nurses Time Back | Medical Surgical Communication Center – Call Center, Joseph Clark-Thrower, North Texas Division

eRecon Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Leanne Rayo, PSG

Rental Returns System, Julie Brawner, TriStar Division

Agency Staff No More!, Adam Fletcher, West Florida Division

Quality and Patient Safety

Macro Gaming Keyboard, Daniel Buompane, BPG

Mobile & Portable Countboard, Haley Roberts, Capital Division

Pharmacist Led Influenza Management, Stephanie Kuhn, Continental Division

Lifetime Radiation Dose/Cancer Risk, Matthew Bone, Corporate

Call Light Video Monitors, Kerry-Ann Peters, East Florida Division

Competency Camp for Nurses, Delynn Peltz, Far West Division

RN, Candee McDonnell, Gulf Coast Division

Duration of Antibiotic Therapy Clinical Decision Support, Jill Cowper, HealthTrust – Parallon Supply Chain Solutions

Co-Sleeping, Kristine Bourlet, MidAmerica Division

The NEST- Supporting Babies & Families Through Substance Treatment & Recovery, Lois Conley, Mountain Division

“Call, Don’t Fall” (Ceiling Tile Above Patient Bed), Karen Lynch, North Florida Division

Standardized Adult IV Insulin Drip with Computerized Nursing Intervention, Kayti Montgomery, North Texas Division

Universal Patient Assessment Pathway, Robert Poston, PSG

Keeping the Patient Informed, Anna Arias, TriStar Division

Linking Malignant Path Reports to Oncology Navigators Serves More Cancer Patients, Sue Glover, West Florida Division

Service Excellence

Pharmacy in Freestanding Emergency Centers, Linda Wilkinson, BPG

Caregiver Snapshot, Esther Jaime, Capital Division

Filling Chronic Department Opening by Building Development Pipelines, Cameron Howard, Central and West Texas Division

Comfort Carts “Because We Care”, Lisa Harrelson, Continental Division

Recruiting and Retention, Katie Berryann, Corporate

Empowering Patients and Families, Susan Bernstein, East Florida Division

CHF Readmission Reduction, Lisa Littlejohn, Far West Division

Surgery Navigation Video, Tonya Johnson, Gulf Coast Division

Tableau Implementation, Michael Hardin, HealthTrust – Parallon Supply Chain Solutions

Explain the Pain, Paul Hockett, MidAmerica Division

NICU Web Cams, Kathryn Weston, Mountain Division

Case Management CPOE Order Sets, Bryan Hudson, North Florida Division

Shadow Your Role Model, Vivian Bowman, PSG

The Detangler, Lisa Nicewinter, TriStar Division

Luggage Tags, Eric Olson, West Florida Division