Awards of Distinction showcase all of HCA’s talent.

For the first time ever, HCA bestowed three major awards simultaneously at the Awards of Distinction ceremony in May. This meant that winners of the Frist Humanitarian Awards, which have been awarded since the early 1970s, shared the spotlight with the Excellence in Nursing Award and Innovators Award recipients, two more recent recognition programs that round out the trio.

I was struck by the sheer volume of talent represented by the winners and runners-up for each award, knowing that hundreds more remarkable people were honored at both the division and facility levels. The newest members of our Executive Development program were in the audience, and several of them approached me afterward to express how strongly they were affected by seeing HCA’s culture in action through the winners’ stories. The Awards of Distinction really do capture so much of what HCA stands for, especially our values. It is a great pleasure to honor these doctors, nurses, volunteers and gifted clinicians and you’ll enjoy reading about them in this issue.

In fact, this entire issue is filled with stories of remarkable people. Read about the many ways HCA caregivers are interacting with their communities to create a brighter tomorrow for patients and their families. From cardiac care awareness, to running a short—but very meaningful—race, these stories each illustrate how improving the patient experience doesn’t stop at the doors of our care facilities.

And if the Olympic games in Rio are of interest, well, read on, because there’s always an HCA connection! Many HCA physicians practice sports medicine, and in this issue you’ll meet some who provide care for the world-class athletes that the United States sent to the games. You’ll also hear the story of a rather unexpected family trip to Brazil, thanks to a nurse’s daughter who’s a great shot. You’ll also learn about the ‘luck of the Irish’ when it comes to one doctor and his hammer-throwing expertise.

Lastly, we meet a recruiter who has close ties to the U.S. military, and see how HCA continues to bring the best and brightest former service members into the fold as valued employees. We have been honored many times for our military-recruiting e orts, and value our partnership with these talented men and women who have served our country, and now our company, with honor and distinction. They, like each of you, make HCA a world-class provider of healthcare, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of our patients every day.