Today marks the start of Hope Fund Week – a chance to celebrate our company’s culture of giving and serving people. At HCA, we really care about caring for each other, and our Hope Fund is the perfect example.

For 11 years, this public charity, supported by our employees and for our employees, has helped more than 21,000 HCA families in need. Originating from our employees’ desire to help their colleagues after the Florida hurricanes of 2004, the Hope Fund was formalized as a charity and went into operation the next year, just in time to help after Hurricane Katrina.

Approximately 3,000 HCA employees generously gave to support coworkers who had been impacted by that disaster. More than a decade later, 10 times that number of people – more than 30,000 – have raised $40 million, including leveraging matching funds from HCA, for the Hope Fund.

At the Hope Fund, we’ve had the privilege of helping our employees through large natural disasters like the recent flood in Louisiana, where over $150,000 have been given, thus far, to 105 employees in need, and thanks to year-round contributions from our colleagues, we stand ready to help those with personal hardships – a battle with cancer, a serious car accident, the death of a loved one or other misfortunes, too.

The Hope Fund has helped thousands of our employees who provide care for others every day. That’s what sets HCA apart: helping others. It’s a value that’s ingrained in our culture, and is one of the most rewarding things we do – give hope.

Happy Hope Fund Week!


Visit here to learn more about the HCA Hope Fund and the Power of Hope. It’s a perfect example of how we treat each other and what it means to work at HCA.