Earlier this week, two hosts on the television show The View started a firestorm of conversation regarding their remarks about Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson and her monologue during the talent segment of the Miss America pageant.  I’ve been amazed at the surge in nurse pride on social media and throughout the world.

As the chief nurse executive and patient safety officer at HCA, one of the world’s leading healthcare systems, I’d like to share my thoughts on the incredible work our 70,000 HCA-affiliated nurses do every day to provide quality care for our patients.

Nurse talent is an interesting concept.  It is a unique combination of knowledge, skills and compassion; knowledge of the physiological and psychological functioning of human beings; knowledge of disease and wellness; and knowledge of treatments and medicines.

Nurse talent also comprises assessment skills, including the use of stethoscopes.  It includes skills in therapeutic communication and teaching; skills in technical areas such as wound care and many other areas; all mixed with a generous amount of compassion and respect for the sufferings and triumphs of our patients and their families.

Nurse talent is indeed something beautiful to behold!  Thank you, Miss Colorado, for reminding us just how beautiful a talented nurse is and for igniting a resurgence of nurse pride in all of us!