The purpose of HCA is simple: to give our patients the care they deserve, which is patient care that is safe, high quality, compassionate, efficient and convenient. At HCA, we not only want to make our patients well, we want them to be extremely pleased with their overall experience at our facilities. In many cases, to meet the expectations of our patients, we must provide greater convenience by offering multiple facilities in the communities we serve. Simply put, we must take our services to our patients, who often want, and need, care closer to home.

HCA operates in many different communities. Our goal within these communities is to be the provider of choice for patients by offering services that are closer to home and by offering a full array of services across our local networks. These offerings provide our patients with easy access and convenience while also providing an opportunity for them to stay inside an HCA network if more complex care or additional services are needed.

Over the past four years, HCA has invested heavily in expanding our local networks to provide easier-to-access, more convenient care settings. For example, we have grown our network of outpatient centers, including emergency rooms, urgent-care centers, ambulatory surgery centers and physician clinics. These outpatient centers are typically located away from our hospital campuses and closer to our patients. They are designed to be standalone and easy to enter and exit, but they also are connected back to our hospitals for clinical support, as needed, and for administrative support. These centers have high levels of patient satisfaction because of the convenience, efficiency and patient care provided.

Another part of our efforts to make our facilities more convenient and accessible is improving our facilities’ websites by standardizing our platforms. This effort will make it easier for our patients to access information about our facilities, and our physicians, from mobile devices and tablets, and it will make it easier for them to navigate our websites and handle administrative issues. This year, we are implementing MyHealthOne, a new online patient portal that allows patients to access lab reports, schedule doctor appointments and even enroll for classes and seminars. Online access to records and services is perhaps the most requested service by our patients and their families, and over the coming months this aspect of HCA’s service offerings will continue to grow.

And finally, the company continues to invest in our nurse call centers as a way to connect with our patients and provide them with readily available resources to support their needs. Today, we respond to more than 1 million calls annually.

I hope you can see from this letter that HCA has made, and will continue to make, significant investments that are designed to improve convenience and access for our patients. As we seek more innovative ways to provide our services, your role in actually delivering the service and patient care is what makes the difference. Working together, and leveraging the size and capabilities of HCA, we can make a real difference in people’s lives, and that is truly why we exist as a company. I want to thank you for what you do, and more importantly, I want to thank you for providing our patients the care they deserve.


Sam Hazen
Chief Operating Officer