MountainStar Healthcare is expanding its emergency medical services to include advanced air transportation. With the launch of MountainStar AirCare, the healthcare system aims to ensure the delivery of high quality care for its patients during air medical transport.

“Our goal is to extend the quality care we provide to include the time it takes to airlift patients to one of our trauma centers or acute care hospitals,” says Greg Angle, president, MountainStar Healthcare. “In this way, we can provide a more seamless continuum-of-care for patients based on proven medical standards that contribute to the best outcomes possible.”

MountainStar AirCare brings two of the most advanced and best high-altitude-performing helicopters available today to Utah. In fact, the Airbus AS350 B3e model is the first production aircraft to make a successful landing on Mount Everest.

The B3e helicopter is ideal for the mountainous state of Utah and its level of outdoor recreation. It can reach locations other aircraft cannot and transport heavier patients during the hot summer months. The helicopter’s capabilities combined with flight crews with rural experience will improve the odds in the race against time for people in remote or rural locations who have traumatic injuries or are critically ill.

MountainStar will strategically locate one helicopter and a full-time crew at Mountain View Hospital in Payson. The other aircraft and a full-time crew will be based at Ogden Regional Medical Center. These helicopter bases will allow Utah’s newest air transportation company to better serve MountainStar hospitals and their patients as well as other Utah hospitals, particularly smaller facilities in rural areas.

The expertly staffed and fully equipped AirCare helicopters will provide helipad-to-helipad patient transportation for MountainStar hospitals along the Wasatch Front and in Cache Valley, 24/7, 365 days a year. AirCare helicopters and flight crews will also assist local first-responders including emergency medical service agencies and fire departments by responding to major motor vehicle accidents and other incidents in which people are severely injured.

Flight crews for MountainStar AirCare will contribute to the state’s long-standing tradition of safely providing high quality air medical transport. They will closely adhere to best practices in patient care for which MountainStar hospitals are nationally recognized. These experienced professionals include some of the area’s best pilots, nurses and paramedics; many of them have skills that exceed industry norms. Additionally, a proficient mechanic is assigned to each helicopter 24 hours a day.

MountainStar AirCare will be dual-accredited; by the National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications initially and also by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems following its mandatory one-year operation period.