Medical-Surgical Nursing is the heart of patient care in acute care hospitals. Med-surg nurses provide expert monitoring as patients recover from injury, surgery or illness and make the transition out of the hospital. Most adult patients, except for those delivering babies, spend time on a medical-surgical unit. Often, this is where they take their first steps or eat their first meal on the road to recovery. These nurses provide education and support to the patient and family that prepares them for leaving the hospital and continuing their recovery.

Med-surg units are some of the busiest places in a hospital; patients coming and going for diagnostic testing, special procedures, and therapies. Most patients have several physicians seeing them while on the medical surgical unit. Like other specialty areas such as OR and ER, nurses in med-surg units have mastered a unique body of knowledge and skills that is required to work with this diverse patient population.

Last month, medical-surgical directors from every hospital in the HCA family, gathered in Orlando to attend the Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing conference. This meeting was part of HCA’s multi-year emphasis on medical-surgical nursing. Excellence in Medical-Surgical Nursing is a multi-faceted investment in leadership, clinical practice, operations and care environment that aims to improve patient outcomes and nurse practice environments.

HCA’s President of Operations, Sam Hazen, opened the HCA meeting at this event, declaring that Nursing is THE differentiator for HCA in the future. Sammie Mosier, MS, RN, CMSRN, HCA’s AVP for Nursing Practice, launched the Unit of Distinction program, that will challenge med-surg leaders to advance nursing practice and patient outcomes related to 27 specific criteria.

The enthusiasm and excitement of the medical-surgical leaders at this event indicate we are going to see some amazing advances over the next 18 months! Check back with us throughout this journey as we share our learnings! In the meantime, here are few pictures from the event in Orlando.