Providing high quality care to our patients is foundational at HCA. It goes to the core of our mission to improve human life. The ability to provide this level of care requires a team of dedicated and professional caregivers but it also demands the skills of professionals who are behind the scenes, supporting those who deliver care. One key component to this support team is an ability to support the growing technology needs of care delivery. At HCA, this need is met by our IT&S department.

For decades, our IT&S organization has been a pioneer in the industry, supplying IT systems and services to thousands of healthcare businesses across the U.S. and U.K. and leading the transformation of healthcare into a new era of quality and connectivity. The skills of our IT&S professionals are in high demand, but what makes them unique is that they specifically apply those skills to the noble cause of healthcare. That’s why we say our IT&S team is “healthcare inspired”.  We believe healthcare will be inspired by our technology solutions. Our solutions will be inspired by our uniquely talented team of experts. And we should all be  inspired by the meaningful work we do.

Whether it’s ensuring that the phone and email systems are working properly or that patient data is secure and available to the care team, IT&S works around the clock to support the infrastructure of one of the leading providers of healthcare…and you’ve likely never heard of them. Well, today we hope to change that.

We put together the infographic below to provide a little more insight into one of the best kept secrets in healthcare IT. Oh – and IT&S was also recently named “One of the Best Places to Work in IT” by Computerworld for the sixth consecutive year. This award is especially meaningful for the organization because it reflects survey-driven, employee feedback about the company, its culture, benefits, and professional development programs.  It recognizes the culture and workplace we aspire to achieve and the dedication and commitment of each employee in our IT&S organization as they use their unique technology expertise to transform healthcare in the facilities and communities in which we serve.