Houston, Texas
The ongoing civil war in Syria has displaced and wounded hundreds of thousands of citizens, many of whom are unable to access needed medical care. Happily for Mohammed Jammous, that wasn’t the case for him.

Mohammed Jammous benefited from top-notch HCA care.
Mohammed Jammous benefited from top-notch HCA care.

Mohammed, age 14, lost his leg from a tank shell in August 2012. He, along with Fatima Asafar, a girl from the West Bank, was brought to Texas Orthopedic Hospital by The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the wounds of war, occupation and poverty for Middle East children. They were both treated by physicians from the Fondren Orthopedic Group. Fatima underwent hip replacement surgery by Dr. Greg Stocks, who led an orthopedic surgery mission to the West Bank last summer. Dr. Gary Brock oversaw Mohammed’s treatment, which did not require stump revision surgery, but prosthesis fitting and rehab.

“My wife and I had hosted two little girls from Gaza in 2011, so I had been involved with the work PCRF did,” says Dr. Stocks. “I also went to Ramallah to perform hip and knee replacement surgery in the summer of 2012. I got a call asking if I could come over to perform surgery on Fatima last fall, and I asked if she could be brought to Houston instead.”

The organization was able to make that happen. At the same time he asked his partner, Dr. Brock, if he could oversee Mohammed’s treatment, as the two children would be arriving in Houston within days of each other. Then it was on to the hospital, where he found many willing partners.

“We could not have done any of this without Texas Orthopedic Hospital,” Dr. Stocks says. “Both Trent Lind and Blair Callaway, the CEO and CFO, were so amazingly helpful and open to the idea of providing help for these two children. Their generosity and willingness, not only to provide surgery and care for free but also several weeks’ worth of therapy for Mohammed so he could adjust to his prosthetic leg, really made this thing happen.”