After more than 24 years with HCA, I had the great privilege recently to be appointed chief financial officer for the company. I have spent practically my entire career at various levels with the company and I must say it’s a humbling experience to have this opportunity.

I am also very excited by the prospect of the transformation we see coming for all of us who work in this profession. Current trends point to big changes for the future, and we have the chance to help shape some of that future because of the many contributions the people of HCA bring to healthcare.

In this issue of YOU magazine you have the opportunity to meet Milton Johnson, our new CEO. Milton talks frequently about improving the patient experience, and I know he and all of the senior team are very focused on making sure patients receive the highest quality care possible, and a first-rate customer experience.

As efforts to allow patients choice in their care increase, we are challenged to bring a more consumer focused effort to our delivery.

There are many projects at work in our facilities that continue to move us further down this path. We are instituting a variety of navigation efforts to help guide patients and their families through the complex system. The increased use of mobile applications to help patients interact with physicians and hospitals continues to grow.

Electronic patient records are becoming a reality, and HCA is working diligently on designing an EHR system that can provide the type of interaction that our patients, physicians and other caregivers need for the future. And, increasingly, the physical design of care settings is being changed to enhance the overall experience for patients.

While we look toward this dynamic new day in healthcare, I think it’s important that we stay true to our heritage. I am reminded often of Dr. Frist Sr.’s quote that it is not about the bricks and mortar or the equipment; it is about the warmth and compassion of people that leads to quality care. Milton frequently talks about the cultures and values of HCA and the importance of putting the patient first is the way HCA does business. That’s how our company was founded, that’s how it grew and that’s how it will continue to prosper into the future.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to continue to serve a great company full of incredible, compassionate people who work every day at bettering the human condition. I look forward to sharing our exciting future with you.


Bill Rutherford
CFO & Executive Vice President