It’s a quarter till 7am and David Bustillos is in his office getting ready to start his day at Las Palmas Medical Center. David is the Facility Director and is on a small team of eight responsible for maintaining the hospital and all its equipment – 300,000 square feet!

At 8am he has a quick team huddle to plan out the day, then it’s time to get going. There’s always a lot to do but whether he’s testing generators, servicing bio medical equipment or handling any number of maintenance issues that pop up, David does it with a smile because he loves his job.

“This is the type of work I live for. You have to have a servant’s heart to work in a hospital.”

This is especially important when you work in healthcare because David is faced with additional regulations specific to the industry that other facility directors may not face. David and his team have to take into account federal, state and local regulations as well as standards set by the Joint Commission. And that makes sense when you think about it.

A hospital relies on people like David to ensure that the building and its equipment are functioning properly. It’s essential because it allows caregivers to provide the best care possible. This is definitely not your average Facility Director job.

But that’s ok with David. He doesn’t mind going the extra mile. He’s in it for the long haul.

“I care about what I do. This is my dream job. I want my work to last 30 years, not five.”