HCA Today web site showcases the human side of HCA

You needn’t go far to find inspiration at your HCA facility. Just look around you. A series of videos featuring your colleagues is currently posted on HCA Today (www. hcatodayblog.com). There you will find true stories about amazing people, barriers overcome and unmatched compassion for others. These are must-see testimonials for inspiration and motivation.

“Last year, we began looking at our site to see what was getting the most attention, and found that the most visits were to stories on our blog which featured [real stories] from real people,” says Chris Mason, Social Media Strategist. “So we began kicking around the idea of how we could take those and do more with them. That’s how we ended up with HCA Heroes.”

No shortage of potential subjectsBen Ikirima HCA Hero

HCA Heroes features people who have extraordinary stories to tell, says Mason, “Because of the kind of people who work here, and the size of the company, we have plenty to choose from.”

Each piece involves a story about one of our employees.

“What we want to do is find a story that may have been promoted really well locally, within the hospital and community, and give it a bigger stage,” Mason explains. “These are individuals that the company is proud of, and we want to highlight them because many people know the individual hospitals, but outside of the business and the community, they do not know who HCA is. We want to humanize the company, and this is a really good way to do that.”

So far, the reception from both employees and the public at large has been overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, a side benefit has been a heightened awareness of specific charities and philanthropic endeavors that the subjects are involved in, followed by requests for information. “People have emailed saying how much they like the videos, and ask- ing how they could help,” Mason says. “That really wasn’t our [initial] intention, but it’s awesome to see the reach of these stories go much further than we expected.”

Improving the human spirit

Josh Solomon HCA HeroThe stories also give a window into the extraordinary lives of people who have been able to overcome serious challenges of their own, then be able to make a difference for others. “A recent piece is on Bob Whitford, who is a Senior Occupational Therapist at St. David’s Medical Center,” Mason says. “He lost an arm when he was young, and eventually competed in the Paralympics as a cyclist. Today, he builds bikes for patients who have experienced limb loss.”

“Our story shows him working with a college student who survived meningitis, but lost most of the digits on her hands and both legs below the knees,” Mason continues. “He developed bikes for her and introduced her to the world of competitive cycling. It’s inspirational to hear him talk about it, because we don’t often think about going from limbs to not having limbs, and not being able to do something as simple as ride a bike any more.”

“We’re showing people who are doing things that are out of the norm, who are really agents for change,” he says. “That always makes a good story.”