Since I discovered Vine I’ve been obsessed with it.  As Director of PR at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver, this little tool gives me an opportunity to show off my hospital, physicians, nurses, staff and patients while having a little fun.

I’m still in the experimental stages, but I am treating Vine like any other social media tool.  My goal is to use it well and use it wisely.  It’s the same philosophy I’ve always had with social media, including Twitter.  Every tweet should have a purpose.  So every Vine video should also have a purpose and a message…which is not easy to do in six seconds by the way.

As I watch what the world is putting on Vine it’s obvious not everyone is an expert, but that’s what makes it so user friendly.  I am a public relations department of one, so I have to be very efficient with my time.  Vine is quick, easy and efficient.  It’s perfect for businesses and hospitals with small PR departments who want to get a message out visually.

I have big summer plans for Vine at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver.  We have a lot of construction happening on campus so I’m planning to use Vine to help us tell a story about all the progress.  Vine can also be powerful with the help of a patient.  If you have a patient like Woody Roseland who did “Chemo Workout” with me, your video can have even more personality.

It is possible to tell a story in six seconds as long as you think it through and ask yourself key questions like:

  • What’s my message?
  • What can I show in several different shots?
  • Will this video have a positive impact on the viewer?
  • What is the story?

These are all questions that should be asked before you tap that video camera icon.

I’ve been at the hospital for 7 years now (15 years in TV news before PR) and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my work because of tools like Vine.  Who knows if it will be around in 5 years, but I know if I use it wisely now I can reach potential patients who could benefit from our amazing hospital later.