Nursing Informatics is a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing practice. Recognized by The American Nursing Association since 1992 as a specialty role in nursing, there are both graduate degrees and board certification recognitions. Nursing Informatics plays an important role in advocating for patients and nurses.

Healthcare Technology is rapidly evolving, nurses who have an interest in technology solutions are uniquely positioned to create innovative solutions that will help streamline workflow and bring safer care environments for patients. Often times, as nurses, we hear from various technology companies that their solution will “alert the nurse” when he needs to be alerted. Someone in nursing informatics steps into that conversation bringing in their experience as a nurse to question whether or not a nurse needs to be alerted. Just because we can tell the nurse, do we need to? Patient care environments can be stressful noisy places that need to be evaluated and turned into quiet healing environments and with the right technology solutions Nursing Informaticists (NI’s) are positioned to have a positive impact on making this happen.

Here are some the day to day things NI’s do at HCA:

  • Manage implementation of clinical initiatives across all facilities.
  • Assist in maintenance of current documentation screens across 5 markets.
  • Work closely with the CNO’s and VP’s of Quality to ensure that we are in compliance with federal/state regulations
  • Ensure Clinical, Operational and Business needs and objectives are met related to clinical data warehouse and business intelligence offerings

Recently we established the HCA Nursing Informatics Community to serve as a resource to increase awareness, enhance knowledge of the field of Nursing Informatics, and provide a forum to debate current research, review articles, discuss professional experiences and promote collaboration. We provide this as an on-going series (3rd Wednesday of each month) and invite Nursing Informatics professionals across HCA to not only join but present and share their knowledge with the team.  This has been a really good way to connect like-minded people across our company.