We’re excited to share that HCA has been named a 2013 Laureate in IDG’s Computerworld Honors Program for a Cancer Navigation Solution to better care for cancer patients throughout treatment. The solution was developed jointly by HCA Information Technology and Services (IT&S) and Sarah Cannon, HCA’s global cancer service line. 

Cancer is scary. Upon diagnosis, a patient can find himself facing the biggest health event of his life with an entire team of healthcare providers. On top of that there may be dozens of appointments each month, and many new details to coordinate.  Each patient is partnered with a person we call a Patient Navigator. The Patient Navigator helps by making sure the patient receives the appropriate screening, treatment, and support while assembling a complete history of each patient’s procedures and results. For the Patient Navigator, it can prove challenging to manage all the emails, spreadsheets and sticky notes that come with care coordination. This is where our Cancer Navigation Solution comes in.

This new solution, that we just finished deploying across 20 HCA sites, provides automated reminders and overdue follow-up flags to the Navigator to ensure constant contact with the patient. It also enables documentation of patient contacts, barriers, appointments, and reminders while supporting workflow for breast and lung screening programs. This is a huge benefit to the Navigator but more importantly to the patient. Here’s what one patient in our TriStar Health System had to say:

When I was diagnosed, I felt overwhelmed with new physicians, multiple exams, and the entire hospital experience. My navigator coached me through this difficult time, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She made me stronger and empowered me to become a survivor.”  -TriStar Breast Patient

We’re honored to be recognized by Computerworld for this solution. We’re even more proud that we’ve been able to create something that improves patient care.