Registered nurse Robin Workman is a natural care giver. But she didn’t always know that she would be a nurse. That big decision came after serving a few years in the Air Force, from which she resigned to help her mother as she struggled with diabetes and heart disease. Robin paid close attention to the excellent care her mother received before she died and made the decision to enter nursing school.

Lucky for Trident Health, Robin quickly knew that she especially loved the challenges that cardiovascular nursing presents. She was one of the original 12 nurses chosen to open the coronary care unit at Trident Medical Center many years ago. And for the past 12 years, Robin has served as Trident Health’s Heart and Vascular Surgery Coordinator. Very simply, she is the “go to” person for every patient who has cardiovascular surgery, connecting the many points of care between diagnosis, treatment, surgery and recovery. Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. James Benner calls Robin “the cardiac concierge.” Her patients call her an angel. They know they can count on her to be strong, steady and clear during their most vulnerable moments.  She helps take their fears away and reassures them of their future.  “We can figure out any problem. It just takes dedication and desire,” says Robin. “We want our patients and families to know they are included in the care plan.”

Robin’s strength and passion for her craft must have been clearly evident at home, as both of her daughters also became nurses – and both work at Trident Health! At an early age, they were inspired by their mom’s compassion for others, and they decided to follow in her footsteps.

Daughter Amy Ricker is a registered nurse and RN 1st Assist who works in the operating room at Trident Medical Center. She recently was named the robotics team leader at Trident’s South Carolina Institute for Robotic Surgery. The Institute performs more robotic surgeries than any other hospital in the state of South Carolina – almost 1,200 surgeries in 2012.

Robin’s other daughter, Beth D’Amato, began her nursing career at Trident Medical Center’s cath lab, and eventually moved over to assist the cv surgeons at Palmetto Cardiovascular and Thoracic Associates (an HCAPS practice). She now works alongside Dr. Benner and Dr. Charles Roberts in their practice, helping patients prepare for and recover from surgery. Both Amy and Beth are currently working toward becoming nurse practitioners.

But that’s not all …. Another family member followed Robin’s path as well. Sister-in-law, Tammy Stenstrom, who married Robin’s brother, is a charge nurse in Trident’s Labor & Delivery unit.

So, for a mother, two daughters and a sister-in-law, Trident is very grateful!  And its patients are blessed.

To Robin, being a part of someone’s healthcare plan and recovery is a true privilege.