Would you know if you were having a stroke? It may be harder to detect than you think. Not long ago, we told you about Diane McPeters who was denied she was having a stroke while she was having it! Her fiancee caught the whole thing on video. Pretty amazing.

Well, we have a similar story to share. Our hospitals use the acronym FAST to help patients and caregivers identify a stroke. It stands for Face droop, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, Time – note the time between when symptoms began and when 9-1-1 was called.

Recently at North Hills Hospital, a local radio station decided to broadcast one of their shows from inside the hospital and interview some of the doctors and staff. One person in particular spoke about the warning signs of a stroke and how to use the FAST method. It turns out that information couldn’t have come soon enough for one listener.

He recognized some of the symptoms he heard on the radio because he was experiencing them. He headed to North Hills Hospital and…well, you really have to hear it for yourself. Take a listen.