This is the age of healthcare technology. Big data and clinical data management, EHR (electronic health records) and Meaningful Use, clouds and virtualization, SaaS and the mobile era, not to mention the incredible advancements in medical technologies like genomics and bioinformatics. Healthcare technology is advancing faster than we can take it all in. There’s no question: The opportunity to transform healthcare through technology is bigger and brighter than ever before.

I know that for me and my leadership team here in IT&S, one of the main reasons we come to work each day with a smile on our face is that we know the work we’re doing is making a difference. A difference to caregivers, enabling them to deliver quality, advanced care. A difference to our patients, who get the benefit of transformational clinical and business technologies that can help them get better faster. In fact, our mission in IT&S is to transform healthcare through technology. Noel Williams, HCA’s former CIO said, “What’s inspiring is that we are not just transforming technology; we are transforming lives through technology.” That’s the idea that makes us proud and energized in our work every day.

Yet, even with all the technical advancements and opportunities in healthcare, to deliver on the promise of transformational technology, the industry first and foremost needs people: people with ideas, with vision, energy, commitment, and the will power to take on the daunting challenge of transforming healthcare. I can tell you from decades of experience that taking on this challenge is not for the faint of heart. I can also tell you that there may be no more rewarding cause. Change healthcare and you change the world.

In this new age of healthcare technology, with its almost unlimited potential for transforming lives and changing the world, I often wonder: How can new graduates looking for a career in IT (or even experienced tech workers looking for a change) resist the idea of working specifically in healthcare?

As the year comes to a close, the New Year is often a time to consider new directions, new challenges, new opportunities. Next year’s college graduates are already planning and interviewing for their new careers. It’s a good time to suggest to those interested in technology that they consider a career in healthcare, specifically healthcare information technology. It is truly technology’s noble cause.