In the year since she wrapped up her “Biggest Loser” appearance, Hannah Curlee has been a one-woman fitness revolution for HCA hospitals, thanks to her role as Director of Health Engagement with H2U. She has traveled the country, speaking to employees about the benefits of diet and exercise.

YOU caught up with her during a short stop in Nashville:

On her one-year anniversary: Maintaining my weight is the accomplishment of which I am most proud. I spend almost 90 percent of my time on the road, so when it comes to food advanced planning has been an important part of that success. I request a mini fridge for every stay so I can limit eating out and eat the same foods from home. I always make sure there is a local gym that I contact in advance or make sure the hotel has a fitness facility. I always travel with my exercise bands and a jump rope so there is no excuse if I get to my hotel room late and the gym is closed!

On her work with H2U: I travel to HCA facilities and promote health and wellness. I visit H2U programs across the country, as well as companies that are looking to start a wellness program. Many people come to these events because they watch ‘Biggest Loser’ and want to see if I have kept the weight off. I talk about health and wellness, but most of all hope and the ability to overcome obstacles. There is always something for everyone, even if you are not trying to lose weight. It is about total wellness which is your mind and body and living your best life. That’s what H2U has helped me to do.