WOW!  What a way to kick off December.  I never thought I would experience hurricane force winds in Utah, but that is kind of what happened.  On 12/1/11 we had gusts that topped 100 mph!  As a result, there has been millions of dollars of damage already reported in our community and at one point there were 50,000 people without power.  This was truly a disaster that has impacted many lives.

More than anything right now, I want to express my appreciation for all of the incredible support and heroic work that was provided last week.  The immediate response we received from everyone at our Corporate Offices, the Mountain Division, and our sister hospitals truly helped us in a time of need.

I also want you to know that the employees of Lakeview Hospital were nothing short of inspiring through this event.  Everyone pulled together in amazing ways.  I personally saw a security guard literally pinning his body against a glass door that came off its hinges to keep it from being a missile.  I also witnessed our ICU Director catch a patient that was tipping over while being unloaded from an ambulance because a gust of wind blew over the EMS guys unloading the patient.  No longer than five seconds after that director caught the patient and moved him toward our door, a light fixture came blowing in and crashed exactly where the patient was seconds before.  In addition, we assigned different young strong guys to stay by the entrance to help people come in.  I have had six different people go out of their way to come into me to tell me that one of those young guys “caught them” and helped carry them into our hospital.

To our employees, thank you everyone for being so incredible.  Thank you for your commitment to caring and for aspiring for excellence.  Thank you for the way you inspire me daily and for being passionate about what you do.