Last season on the Biggest Loser, millions of viewers watched Hannah Curlee and her sister Olivia compete week after week on their way to the finale where the winner would be named. In the end, Olivia took home the title of Biggest Loser with Hannah coming in just behind her.

What many people probably don’t know is that Hannah actually works at HCA. Now that the show is over she’s back with us working in  a new role at H2U, our wellness affiliate. John Steele, who leads our HR department, used to be Hannah’s boss. He sat down recently to chat with Hannah and talk about her experience on the Biggest Loser and what it’s like coming back to work at H2U.

And since Hannah and John are such good friends, there were a lot of fun moments that didn’t make the final cut so we put them into an outtake reel. Also, be sure to check out some of the behind the scenes pics below the vids. Enjoy!