We’re wrapping up one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves on the trees here in Nashville are peaking and the air is getting just a bit colder foreshadowing the winter that’s just around the corner. This time of year is also great because at HCA, we recently completed our annual employee giving campaign and the stories are beginning to come in from the people in the community we were able to help.

Giving to the community by contributing dollars or donating time, is a vital part of how our employees support each other and the communities they live in. It’s a great thing to be a part of. Here’s how it all works. Each year, every HCA employee can choose just about any 501c3 charity they’d like to support and then give either their time or money…or both. Then, they do it. Pretty straightforward don’t you think? And with more than 190,000 employees you can just imagine the impact that makes nationwide:

  • More than 900 charitable organizations supported
  • $13.9 million in annual employee giving

One of the reasons our employee giving campaign has been so successful is that we use this specific time of year to focus the company’s attention on volunteering within the community. It’s true that they can do this at any time throughout the year. In fact, we have many programs in place to make it easy for employees to support the charities that matter most to them.  Do you work at our corporate office and serve on the board of a nonprofit? We’ll match your donation up to $500. Want to start a campaign to support a local charity or organize a fundraising event? We have people available to help you succeed. Still, our experience has shown that when you focus your efforts and communications around a specific timeframe, you maximize giving and volunteerism. So this is what we try to do starting in September and continuing through the end of the year.

At our corporate offices in Nashville, we call this campaign “Caring for the Community.” At our hospitals and other facilities it’s known as “Hope and More”. But whatever you call it, the goal is the same. We want to inspire each other to make a commitment to get involved with a local nonprofit and help. It’s a natural extension of our mission at HCA. We’re dedicated to the care and improvement of human life both inside and beyond the walls of the hospital.

We’re putting together a slideshow that will give you an idea of what our “Caring for the Community” day looks like. We should have that up in the next week.

Until then, I’m curious to know some of the ways that you get involved in your community. Does your employer do something similar to promote volunteerism? Do you have questions on how to start something like this where you work? Let me know.