Girlology: 5 tips for having “the talk”

Believe it or not, 8 years old is a great age to teach children about sex. That may sound alarming to many people but truthfully kids are hearing references about it every day. In fact, one of the founders of Girlology – a program designed to help parents open the dialogue about puberty and sexual development – and one that I’m proud to be a part of as an OB/GYN at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, has a TEDx talk titled “Eight is Great.” In it, she explains why 8 years old is a great age to tackle “the talk.” As a… Read more.

Tulane Medical Center Unveils New Clinic for Former NFL, Pro Athletes

There are two Jabari Greers. There’s the Saints cornerback and Super Bowl champion, a celebrity and football star. And there’s the former athlete, a husband and father navigating his own healthcare – and his future after the game. “The person that people think they know – the football player – isn’t around anymore. He’s gone,” Greer said. “But when you’re in public, everyone reminds you of the player that was. When you’re in a public healthcare setting, it’s very hard to keep up that ‘warrior’ persona and still be honest with your doctor about what you’re going through. You have… Read more.

Fidget Spinners: Do they really work?

Children across the globe are clamoring for fidget spinners – simple, handheld devices you can spin with your fingers. The devices are marketed as a tool to help children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism and other similar disorders focus. But do they really work? One expert weighs in on the gadgets. Siobhan Smith, a behavior therapist and case manager at The Medical Center of Aurora in Aurora, Colo., an HCA affiliate, says she has found that fidget spinners have helped the children she works with since introducing them a year ago. “It’s really helped to decrease what we call… Read more.

Information Technology Professionals Give Back to Local Nonprofits

This is Colin – an HCA web technologist and philanthropist. Colin hurt his ankle the day before our organization’s first-ever Information Technology (IT) Community Day, but he and his team employed their technical savvy to virtually include Colin in the important work of the day via webcast. Colin was working from a distance, but 179 of his closest friends and HCA technology colleagues were placed at 22 nonprofit agencies in the Nashville area last week, providing a total of 1,080 hours of skills-based, technological community service. On that day, you would find no dirty nails or paint in the hair, but instead… Read more.

Heroic, Loved and Celebrated: Meet some of HCA’s Favorite Moms

Today HCA wants to honor all of the moms we know and love. Whether you are a new mom, future mom, desperate-to-be mom, hurting mom, thriving mom, grieving mom, tired mom, hopeful mom, helicopter mom, bonus mom, and never-to-be-forgotten mom, the world is a better place because of YOU. At HCA, we know there is no one who loves us like our moms. Whatever time or place you are in during your motherhood journey, we celebrate you. Happy Mother’s Day! Meet some of HCA’s favorite moms and learn about their experiences at affiliated hospitals across the country. Say hello to… Read more.

At Least 39 Weeks: Worth the Wait

With the celebration of Mother’s Day approaching, HCA wants to make sure that moms-to-be have the best information to make the right choice for the newest members of their families. Providing valuable information is just one part of our role as a trusted partner through the journey of motherhood. As a mom, I know that having a baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it is also important to be aware of the benefits of carrying to at least 39 weeks. HCA and March of Dimes studies have shown that waiting until at least 39 weeks, when… Read more.

HCA Heroes: Robin on the Roof

Robin Evans-Hanson named her annual charity drive “Robin on the Roof” for obvious reasons – it’s her name. But that wasn’t the only motivation behind the outreach identity. The 33-year registered nurse at HCA’s Medical City Fort Worth believes anyone can be a robin. Even you. “Robins signify the first sign of spring. It’s a new beginning for everyone,” Evans said. “On the roof, you’re out of your situation or crisis and can see everything more clearly. You are not alone.” Robin believes that as a nurse she needs to be involved in the community. “That’s where the real nursing… Read more.

Nurses Week: 21 Things You Might Not Know About the Chief Nursing Executive and Nursing

Chief Nursing Executive Jane Englebright is one of the 80,000 HCA-affiliated nurses who have experienced firsthand the fulfillment that nursing brings…and the challenges, too. And if the 37-year nursing veteran had to do it over again, she wouldn’t change a thing about this career path. Englebright has served in a variety of roles: critical care, rehabilitation, educator, and various leadership positions, including service as HCA’s inaugural patient safety officer. Regardless of her position title, Dr. Englebright has helped lead improvements in patient care and nursing practice throughout her career. We sat down with the national nursing leader to learn more… Read more.

26 Healthy Habits HCA-Affiliated Nurses Live By

Nurses are called to care. Helping others is part of our very nature, and we take pride in the care we provide our families, in our communities and to the millions of patients we serve every day. From my years of experience, one thing I know to be true is: the best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first. As caregivers on the frontlines of healthcare, it’s important that we, as nurses, lead by example for the people we are privileged to serve. As part of our celebration of National Nurses Week, and this… Read more.

HCA Leadership Celebrate Caregivers, Employees this Hospital & Nurses Week

National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week is a time for us to celebrate the positive impact we’ve had on the health and wellbeing of our communities and to recognize you, the people who make it all possible. Since our founding nearly 50 years ago, we have pursued a vision of healthcare the way it was intended – patient-centered, constantly evolving and improving, and practiced with integrity and compassion. Making this vision a reality requires significant teamwork among our 241,000 employees spread across hundreds of facilities in 20 U.S. states and the United Kingdom. Through the years, we’ve traveled to… Read more.

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